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Times have been tough on Cape Flats; gangs are getting more powerful by the day. The scary part of it all is the increase of drug dealers; they are becoming younger by the day! The current situation has a very negative effect on South Africa’s economy. We aim to deal with the notorious gangsterism and high youth unemployment problems in Heideveld from their root, the education-based poverty trap in the community. We partner with local primary and high schools to provide physical education and after-school sports programs to engage young students in school. We provide them academic support through our tutoring program to ake sure they have the necessary individual assistance to do well in class.

This is not just a soccer club: it has expanded into a wider range of community activities including rope skipping, basketball, drama, touch rugby, boxing, tutoring, life skills, and school for drop-outs, mentorships and a way out of being trapped into the cycle of gangs and drugs.

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Project Details

  • Project starts: Every Friday
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Minimum Duration: 2 weeks (17 nights)
  • Volunteer Requirements: CV/Résumé, Basic level of competency in English, Availability of position
  • Please Note: Mondays are Office Day for both new and old volunteers. New volunteers will receive their teacher training and additional information on our projects and the areas where they will be working. Volunteers who have been with us for more than one week will assist with planning for the week, equipment maintenance, re-organising storage spaces, donation sorting etc.
  • The school calendar for 2017 is as follows:

This program is designed for mature volunteers and families to assist at the schools with day to day running from reading one-on-one in classrooms to assisting on the sports field. Volunteers can choose if they want to work full or half days focusing on classroom help, sport or both. Volunteer children can be involved in the primary school and interact with the local children while their parents help facilitate the programs.


  • Accommodation is based in Cape Town city centre.
  • We offer from 4-sleeper luxury dormitories to private family rooms.
  • The accommodation is walking distance to many restaurants, shops, transport terminals, etc.


  • WiFi is available on a shared basis to give volunteers opportunities to contact those at home.


  • Volunteers are given the use of the laundry room and line when required.


  • A welcome dinner is included on your first night of arrival.
  • Due to the wide range of shops and restaurant in the area only breakfast is included.


  • Volunteers will be met at Cape Town International airport and taken to the project.
  • On project days the volunteers will be transported.
  • The vehicles used are roadworthy and have all relevant licenses and liability insurance.

Supervision / Co-ordination

As the nature of the work varies we will place volunteers under the supervision of various staff members as explained in the itinerary. We will have one member of our team assigned as “team leader” to facilitate the smooth operation of the volunteers stay and provide guidance where necessary.

Emergency and Safety Information

  • All our staff have the relevant licenses for driving with passengers.
  • All staff are qualified in First Aid There will be a staff member in close proximity at ALL times.
  • All volunteers are handed a safety guidelines card with the relevant contact numbers and emergency procedures printed on it.
  • The nearest hospital is within 20 minutes drive of all locations.
  • An emergency cellular phone with call time will be handed to one group member each day.
  • Please note: Every precaution is taken to ensure your comfort and safety at all times.

Winter in South Africa

Please note that May through to September are our winter months and it can get quite chilly with an average temperature ranging from 5 degrees Celsius at night to 15 degrees Celsius during the day. So, please make sure to pack enough warm clothes if you plan your trip in that period.

Holiday club is a fun and educational weekly programme that the volunteers do with the kids in the holidays when there is no school/classes.

The children on this programme range from 8 to 16 years old and live in a township in Cape Town, such as Dunoon, or a Settlement such as Wolwerivier. Most of them can speak English, yet their home language may be Afrikaans or Xhosa. The homes they live in are often built from scrap metal and second hand wood and usually do not have running water.

Please note: If a holiday club activity requires the payment of an entrance fee, volunteers have to pay for themselves! The programme fee is used to cover the entrance for the kids only!

Please note that during the holidays it is a time for the kids to have fun, so the programs are less structured and may change depending on the amount of children that arrive on the day. The first and last weeks of school are less structured. There are exams during the last weeks and the children are quite excited for the holidays. It takes a couple weeks for the children to settle back into the school schedule once the holidays are finished.

REMINDER: Projects will be closed from 25 December – 1 January

Volunteers will assist in classrooms and/or on the sports field with the following programs:

Physical Education on the schools
We have coaches working on four different schools in the Heideveld community, namely Woodlands primary, ST Theresa Primary, Welcome Primary, and Vanguard Primary.

Tutor classes
In tutor classes, we assess the learners reading ability to see if they understand what they are reading. Then we help them to improve in the areas where they are lacking. Ultimately, we highly encourage the practise of taking out books from the library.

Homework classes
From Mondays to Thursdays we have after school classes for children who need help with their homework. We assist them where needed and in doing so, we prevent them from lagging behind in class and improve their overall performance.

The sports offered are Soccer, Basketball, Rope skipping, Touch Rugby, Boxing, and Drama. We practise on various days and we strive to develop our players to the best of our ability.

Volunteers will be collected from the Airport on a Friday and taken to their accommodation. They will receive a welcome orientation either on the first or second day, depending on flight arrival time.

Saturday includes a walking tour of Cape Town city centre and the Sunday is at your own leisure to explore what the city has to offer.

Mondays are Office Day for both new and old volunteers. New volunteers receive their teacher training and additional information on our projects and the areas where they will be working. Volunteers who have been with us for more than one week will assist with planning for the week, equipment maintenance, re-organising storage spaces, donation sorting etc.

Tuesday to Friday volunteers are collected from their accommodation and taken to the school. Our volunteer leaders on the program will help facilitate and set up the work, as well as orientation with the volunteers on site. Volunteers can decide if they would like to be involved in classroom assistance, sport, or both, and if they want to work full or half days. Either from 7:30 – 14:30 or 13:30 – 18:00 or 07:30 – 18:00. These times may vary.

During school holidays we run holiday and sports programmes with the children.

  • Airport pick up from CPT International
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast ONLY
  • 24 hours support and supervision.
  • Financial contributions to the projects
  • Transport to and from the project on working days
  • All beverages
  • Lunch and Dinner
  • Additional tours Flights, Visas and travel insurance
  • Personal items such as sunscreen, bug-spray and ammentities


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