Mira Dickel – 2018

Alina Rajamäki – 2017
The 3 weeks in Adventure Surf Club-project was one of the best weeks of my life. It taught me a lot
of about life, world, and as well about myself .
I was volunteering in Vissershok Primary School, helping kids with English and Math. It was so
rewarding whenever I could see someone learning something new. The best part of the school day
was the breaks because there I would get to play with them and also get to know some of the
smaller kids as well. My favourite day at school was one Friyay (every Friday we did something new
or fun), when all of us volunteers taught five things to our ”tutor” kid about our home country and
then the kid would perform the things that she/he had learned in front of the others. I told about
the Northern lights to my kid and showed a picture. During the break a punch of kids came up to
me and wanted to see that picture. It made my day because it showed how they were really

interested and my kid really listened to me.

I loved how the kids were so positive, energetic, and just full of joy around us. During the Holiday
week, I felt that I finally got closer to the boys as well. I miss all the kids I was

working with at school and during the activities.

Overall my experience was a lot more exciOng, fun, and teaching that I could have ever expected. I
also learned a lot more about myself. The project made me realise that I truly want to work with
 the kids in need and do the best I can to make their life even a little bit better. It made me realise
that my own success will be fulfilled when I can help someone else to succeed. It cleared out even
more that money is secondary, and what really maTers in life is that if you help others to feel
happy inside and out, you will feel the same while doing it. I also found out that I need surfing to
keep my head happy. So SAVE’s project made my future a liTle bit more clear and I am so grateful
of that. Thank you so much for everything you do!
I miss all the kids, volunteers and staff members that I got to know. I will never forget the project,
Saltycrax, Thursty Turtle Thursdays, that one legendary Wednesday when some agents had a
birthday, socials, holiday week, and basically everything that happened during my stay. All the
memories will stay in my heart forever and thank you for making them happen.

Espen – 2015

Cristina – 2015

Molli McGee 2014

Tom Visser 2013

Nina – 29/12/2015

I had 7 amazing weeks with SAVE in Cape Town. All the lovely people i met along my way, including the staff, the other volunteers and the kids we worked with, all made my trip the very best.

My favorite part about the project was seeing how much SAVE helps the children and the community. And getting to know the kinds, and their stories. And seeing that despite horrible experiences in some of the childrens past or present, they were able to smile, laugh and dance. I feel that I learned so much about myself during the project. And I would like to come back one day.

Edward Schaefer – 20 (Norway)

I loved to spend time with the kids, especially to put a smile on their face. Thanks to this experience I feel more open minded and also more positive-minded.

Jorgen Ellingsen – 20 (Norway)

The best part of this amazing experience was to see the kids every day and having morning hugs with all of them, they are so amazing. The staff members were also amazing. Thanks to this experience I can appreciate what I have back home.

Hanna Rian Heggtveit – 20 (Norway)

I really enjoyed learning how to surf and skate. I liked to see how the kids live and to compare knowledge. I think that the balance was nice (School in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Learning how the kids live daily in Dunoon was difficult for me and really heartmelt, but the kids were always so positive!

Alex Green – 27/06/2016

My favorite part was surfing with the kids, the contrast between our lives and their lives touched me a lot, seeing the kids happy all the time was so nice.

Jake Hitchcock – 27/06/2016

I really enjoyed surfing, I had such a good time.The kids appreciate what they have and that had such an impact on me.

Milla – 14/03/2016

I loved to have a bond with specifics kids and the teacher.
I am really happy that I helped the kids and it was so great to see the progression of the kids.

Simone Molle – 19/03/16

The variety of activities was so cool! Loved to work wih the kids in the morning seeing their amazing smiles and in the afternoon I enjoyed the activities a lot, Thanks SAVE !

Edward Schaefer – 10/05/2016

I loved to spend time with the kids, especially to put a smile on their face. Thanks to this experience I feel more open minded and also more positive-minded.

Jorgen Ellingsen – 10/05/2016

The best part of this amazing experience was to see the kids everydays and having morning hugs with all of them, they are so amazing. The Staff members were also amazing. Thanks to this experience I can appreciate what I have back home.

Perille Bliksted – 09/05/2016

I loved to see the kids, they are awesome. I was touched when I heard how awful can be their lives at home, that is why I loved to spend a lot of time and to learn from each of them.

Foelke Bockelmann – 15/04/2016

I really enjoyed the whole experience, I also liked the variety of work.

Seeing how they live here touched me a lot.

Eelka Bockelmann – 15/04/2016

I had the best time when I was at the school to help the children and all the people that take care of thoses kids, it was really great.

Hanna Rian Heggtveit – 16/04/2016

I really enjoyed learning how to surf and skate. I liked to see how the kids live and to compare knowledge. I think that the balance was nice (School in the morning and activities in the afternoon. Learning how the kids live daily in Dunoon was hard.

Kirstine Bovbjerg – 22/04/2016

I met a lot of amazing people, made a lot of friends, especially with the others volunteers. The staff was also very great. I liked to give my positive energy to the kids.

 Yuri – 04/01/2016

Learning about the people here, children and teachers was such a nice experience. See living conditions here was eye-opening. I learnt a lot about interacting/teaching kids.

Josh – 04/01/2016

Working with kids here was so different than working with kids back home, the kids were so happy to see us everydays, I loved it.
I think I am now more open to new experiences, to meet new people. The kids were sad when we left, that was touching.

Katie Nerson – 02/04/2016

My favorite part of the project was to see the kids smiles, I loved the way they was quickly open up to you and attached to you.

Inger Louise – 02/05/2016

The project was great, I liked to switch from school in the morning to sport in the afternoon; all of this with the kid, that was great.

I had the opportunity to see the differences in my life and the lifes of thoses kids, but they are still happy.

Frederikke Hillebrand Lausten – 28/03/2016

Kids are so happy here in South Africa, I was so touched by the reality of their lives. I just want to come back.

Erik Eberhardt – 19/03/2016

I think the part of the project I enjoyed the most was surfing, of course with the kids!!

Jochem Groffen – 21/03/2016

Awesome experience ! Meeting all the volunteers was so nice, they were all so cool, I will never forget thoses chidren’s smiles.

Rasmus Madsen – 21/03/2016

Everybody should see this, it puts life into perspective. I loved to create realtionships with the kids, hearing their stories and play with them.

Sara – 14/03/2016

I loved the class with the kids, I gained their trust and respect, it is an unforgettable experience!!

Christina Stengaard – 29/02/2016

I loved to make the kids hapy during the projects, thanks save !

Julia Spreng – 12/02/2016

I loved everything about the project, I never surfed before, I really enjoyed it.

Nikki Dingemans – 15/02/2016

I am now able to open myself to new things. The kids were happy only because of us being there!

Ada Liverod – 15/02/2016

We helps a lot when we are in the school, just want to make them smile, and this is not difficult, thoses kids are awesome, I loved skate and surf because the kids really enjoyed it ! It is amazing to see how the kids are happy despite their background.

Jolenta – 14/03/2016

I felt in love with this place, the kids and SAVE!!

Moriah Badichi – 08/03/2016

It was so cool to talk with the kids, connect with them and make them happy!

Eva Berg – 07/03/2016

This project opened my eyes a lot, the kids were so happy that we were there for them.

Josef Moschl – 07/03/2016

Being in school with the kids was awesome, I remember how they looked at me when I had to say goodbye, it touched me a lot.

Guy Suskin – 08/02/2016

The schedules are good, nice combo between school sport and fun with the others vols!!

Loren Silberetein – 08/02/2016

I came with some ideas for activities for the kids and I loved the connection with the kids, especially during the afternoon activities.

Nathalie Dahlstrom – 28/12/2015

My favorite part avout volunteering was meeting kids and making friends from all over the world.

Nikita Bergum – 28/12/2015

Hanging out with the kids and meeting so many inspiring people was really nice. I loved being part of such a cool organisation like SAVE.

Elle Slater – 20/12/2015

Getting to know the kids and bonding with the them; seeing them every day at school and after school made volunteering here the best experience ever !

Tania Marcaccio – 20/12/2015

It was so great to get in contact with all kids, sharing experiences with them.

Anthony Winter – 12/12/2015

SAVE is doing an awesome job, thanks for this amazing experience, I loved being with the kids, especially during the sports sessions.

Linnea – 7/12/2015

I had the best time when I was with the kids, I was really attached to Elundini’s kids.

Sigurbjörg Rós Sigurðardóttir- 13/05/2015

I had a great time, getting to know the kids on project, learning to surf and meeting the awesome staff and volunteers. I’m really happy I got the chance to have this amazing experience.

Vilde Sophie Husby – 12/05/2015

I had an amazing experience. I have volunteered once before, and that doesn’t come close to this. Everything was so well organised, I felt like I actually helped. I really liked Babes and the surf project. It’s easy to see how much everyone who worked for SAVE cares about the projects, and that rubs off on us as volunteers. I also made a lot of new friends, and the time I spent at vol house was great. I love the open door policy at the office, and the fact that everything doesn’t feel super official, but kind of laid back.

Christine Norrelund – 05/05/2015

Once in a lifetime experience! Met kids and volunteers that I will never forget. Best spontaneous decision of my life!

Line Sondergaard- 05/05/2015

Amazing really awesome experience. Loved meeting the volunteers and working with kids. Loved Cape Town and will recommend anyone to come here.

 Meron Kubrom – 09/05/2015

Great experience. I like to believe I grew as a person and will take that growth back with me. Surfing definitely became an important part of my life that helps me connecting and staying in touch with the people I met here and learned to love and appreciate in the short amount of time I stayed here.

Fabian Lersch – 16/01/2015

Just awesome.

 Linn Linden – 12/04/2015

It’s only positive. I had such a good time, Met so many new people and learned so much by seeing how other people live. Project and surfing was so fun. Really great that you get to learn how to surf. I really want to come back.

 Jolenta Basmeijer – 09/04/2015

I’m happy I chose this project because it included a lot of variation. I loved working with the really young kids in the morning but I loved to work with the older kids too. surfing swimming and playing sports with them was really fun! the accommodation was nice too. I really like the fact that we stayed with so many volunteers so we could always have fun together. Lastly I want to thank the staff members because Shannon is an amazing project leader and the whole staff is helpful and just really sweet and fun. To be short, this was a great experience and these two months were the best of my life… thank you SAVE and I definitely will be back!

Nicole Fohringer – 21/03/2015

I had an amazing time on the project and I think about it a lot! I am definitely planning on coming back as soon as possible and stay longer the next time 🙂

Ruben Burger – 18/03/2015

Amazing experience, second time around this time and it felt great again. Amazing staff and great to see how you can make a difference.

Jacob Jensen – 06/03/2015

I had fun, and felt that I had a special experience. It’s was eye opening.

Marvin – 20/02/2015

On the first day I thought: can I stay here four weeks. on the second I thought: I wanna stay here forever and that hasn’t changed since.

Christina Piller – 06/11/2014

I really enjoyed my time in South Africa and I liked Cape Town! I’ll never forget the children at babes!

Evi Nijhof – 10/06/2014

I only experienced the Holiday Programme, I didn’t do the full project. I think it was really fun to do the Holiday Programme. Having fun with the kids and let them have a good time during their holidays. It was amazing to see how much fun they actually had. I really wanna go back to experience the full project.

Yarden – 01/04/2014

I was amazed by this project ,at first I thought when arriving in town and sleeping there over an weekend that this project is just gone be one of those normal once. But they proved me wrong this project was amazing and full of adventure programs. The staff members if they say 24 hours available they are actually that .I love all my new volunteer friends that I met and will return to this side again.

Eddie Yang – 10/03/2014

I would return to the project because of the people I met and how much fun I had. The people were very nice and fun to be with, the staff members especially. If only I could have worked more with the children would my experience have been over the top.

 Jenny Wilkomsfeld – 10/03/2014

My 8 weeks in Cape Town were pretty awesome and if I had the chance I would definitely return.  The kids are wonderful and though it is really tough sometimes with them, it was always a lot of fun. The most amazing thing were the other volunteers and the save Team! I have never met such lovely persons, being so helpful. It was like i got a new family over there and thats why I would recommend it to everyone to join the wonderful save organisation.

Anne Hendriksen – 10/03/2014

It was wonderful to work with the kids at Sarah’s and the surf kids, they were lovely! It was also nice we got some free time to do fun stuff next to volunteering. This was the first time I did some volwork, it wont be the last time. I fell in love with volunteerwork, Africa, the people of SAVE, the other volunteers and of course the most in love with the kids!!!

Alyson Cameron – 10/03/2014

I had an amazing experience and loved every minute. It went very quickly and I learnt many new things.

Johanna Huber – 10/03/2014

The experience is one of the best you can do. You meet amazing people and you work in a beautiful country. In the Project the help of the volunteers is needed and the children are so happy that they are there.

Andrea – 10/03/2014

The best time of my life so far. Enough said.

Metten de Jong – 10/03/2014

Wonderful experience I will never forget! Beautiful country and great people, volunteers and organisation both! Also amazing to help the people in the townships! Good way to give the children a better youth!

Mia Bosse – 10/03/2014

Its been amazing working with the kids and the entire SAVE crew.

Offir Elnekave 10/03/2014

I had a really good times it felt good helping the kids, it’s so important. I think everyone should do it! To teach them english and how to surf and swim is amazing, and the people are cool, social, out going. The house is pretty and the food is good, the people are caring and treat everyone really well.

Daan Groeneveld – 10/03/2014

Save experience was awesome, met some super cool people from CT and all around the world. It was good to work with the kids and at the towns, and the surfing was great!

Ellen Stofmeel – 09/03/2014

The project was the most awesome thing that I have done in my life, that’s why I’m returning in November already! I really can recommend it to other people, try it out. You won’t get disappointed. Also what I liked is that you can work during the week, and have a safari during the weekend or so. This was the perfect mix of work and fun/sightseeing.

Martine Haugen – 05/03/2014

I had ten amazing weeks in Cape Town! It turned out to be way better than I ever expected. I was so lucky that I worked on three different places; the computer project, Sarah’s, and Elundini! It is fantastic to work at all of those places, and a pretty big challenge as well!

I made a lot of friends during my stay, and I couldn’t be more happy! Thank you so much for this awesome time – I will definetly come back!

Molli McGee – 18/01/2014

This has been my second time back with SAVE, and I can once again say that I had an amazing time!

The surf project is a lot of fun because you can often go to the schools and help out in the morning and still surf with the kids in the afternoons. It’s so nice to be able to give the kids something to do after school!

The SAVE and SaltyCrax staff are all awesome people..it’s so cool to meet people who can work hard and play hard 🙂

I love living in the volunteer houses as well, they are super comfortable and great for the social aspect of volunteering!

Overall, this experience has changed the way I see the world and the way I want to live my life. One of the best parts is that I now know people from around the world that I will never forget, and that I’m glad to call good friends.

If you’re looking to help people and maybe help yourself in the process, then SAVE is the perfect place for you!

Michael Fohringer – 17/01/2014

I did the adventure surf club program for ten weeks and i totally loved it. It is amazing to see much fun the kids have and how fast they learn. Also for me it was very nice to meet new people from all over the world and the fact that you can learn how to surf makes it even nicer 😉 I had the time of my life 😉

Fredderick – 18/12/2013

I was on the Surf and Swim program at Save,for me the 8 weeks that I have been here was awesome and loved it .In the morning we all go out to the settlement area called De noon ,where we will be teaching Xhosa children how to do the alphabet and count .Also to the staff members of Save in south Africa well done on an great job you guys are doing there.I hope you all the best for the future and I will see you all soon .

Iris – 09/03/2013

The highlight of SAVE are the great kids and the amazing staff that helps them achieve their goals.

Great to see that even children with disabilities get a chance to go to school. The teachers have a lot of patience and without them those children wouldn’t interact the way they do now!

Surfing and swimming with the kids is also awesome because it’s so much fun to see them laugh and enjoying themselves.

One thing that makes this experience perfect are the other volunteers and all the things you can do in and around Cape Town. The activities organized by the SAVE staff and all the fun things you can do just by yourself are great.

So don’t hesitate, just go!

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