Alina Rajamäki – 2017

The 3 weeks in Adventure Surf Club-project was one of the best weeks of my life. It taught me a lot
of about life, world, and as well about myself .
I was volunteering in Vissershok Primary School, helping kids with English and Math. It was so
rewarding whenever I could see someone learning something new. The best part of the school day
was the breaks because there I would get to play with them and also get to know some of the
smaller kids as well. My favourite day at school was one Friyay (every Friday we did something new
or fun), when all of us volunteers taught five things to our ”tutor” kid about our home country and
then the kid would perform the things that she/he had learned in front of the others. I told about
the Northern lights to my kid and showed a picture. During the break a punch of kids came up to
me and wanted to see that picture. It made my day because it showed how they were really
interested and my kid really listened to me.

I loved how the kids were so positive, energetic, and just full of joy around us. During the Holiday
week, I felt that I finally got closer to the boys as well. I miss all the kids I was
working with at school and during the activities.

Overall my experience was a lot more exciOng, fun, and teaching that I could have ever expected. I
also learned a lot more about myself. The project made me realise that I truly want to work with
the kids in need and do the best I can to make their life even a little bit better. It made me realise
that my own success will be fulfilled when I can help someone else to succeed. It cleared out even
more that money is secondary, and what really maTers in life is that if you help others to feel
happy inside and out, you will feel the same while doing it. I also found out that I need surfing to
keep my head happy. So SAVE’s project made my future a liTle bit more clear and I am so grateful
of that. Thank you so much for everything you do!
I miss all the kids, volunteers and staff members that I got to know. I will never forget the project,
Saltycrax, Thursty Turtle Thursdays, that one legendary Wednesday when some agents had a
birthday, socials, holiday week, and basically everything that happened during my stay. All the
memories will stay in my heart forever and thank you for making them happen.

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