African Pride Project

Project Details

Project Starts: Thursday
Location: Stanford, South Africa
Min Duration: 2 weeks
Min Age: 18

An environmentally friendly sanctuary for any captive-bred big cats, where they will be protected and prosper for the rest of their lives. One of our main purposes is to be an educational platform to create awareness about conditions that big cats face in captivity, and how animal welfare and enrichment play a vital role in giving them the best captive life possible. We are a true sanctuary where no cub petting, breeding or trading takes place. We are a blueprint of how a non-profit sanctuary, focusing on animal welfare, can become self-sufficient, and we aim to change all breeding facilities into sustainable ethical projects.

We believe in the connection between both environmental and wildlife conservation, and their aim is to become the first “green” big cat sanctuary in South Africa and run solely on solar energy. The sanctuary is a 40-hectare paradise with a beautiful home for the animals, the owners and the many volunteers visiting. The land is filled with lots of large trees, a natural spring and an amazing 360-degree mountain view! We strongly believe in the saying “In union there is strength” – and by standing together, human and animal, we believe in the possibility of a prosperous future for the big cats, and we take pride in ‘speaking’ on their behalf.


The farm is located in Stanford, which is situated in the heart of the Cape Whale and White Shark Coast about 140km from Cape Town, and is easily reached by car (1hr, 45 min).

      • Shops/Grocery Stores: You will receive weekly transport into town so that you can purchase essentials and food items for dinner
      • ATMS: There are plenty of ATMS in Cape Town where you will have your orientation. Once on project, you will have the opportunity to withdraw money on your weekly shopping trip

Supervision/Co- Ordination

As the nature of the work varies we will place volunteers under the supervision of various staff members. We will have one member of our team assigned as “team leader” to facilitate the smooth operation of the volunteers stay and provide guidance where necessary.

Free time

The Overberg area where we are situated has so many activities to offer! Below is a list of things you can do on your off days and some costs associated so you have time to plan and budget. The Overberg is a beautiful region and it would be a shame not to take advantage! Please note trips to Hermanus or Gansbaai will cost R150 for petrol (this cost can be split between all volunteers going) and please organize at least 24 hrs in advance.


  • Airport pick up & Drop off
  • 2 Day Cape Town Orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Two meals a day
  • Transport to the project location from the Orientation venue
  • Weekly transport to town for shopping
  • 24-hour support and supervision
  • Donation to the project
  • Certificate of appreciation

During your stay, you will enjoy our modern, yet cosy home. The house is situated in the middle of the property, so you will be mesmerized by the spectacular mountain view and feel at peace with nature whilst listening to the lion’s roar. The house consists of 4 bedrooms with 4 bathrooms, a spacious and fully equipped kitchen for everyone to cook, a big living and dining room area where we enjoy dinners together, games nights, film evening or just relaxing with a nice book. Outside we have a traditional South African braai (BBQ) area and a lovely pool with a garden to sunbath for the hot summer days!

There is laundry on-site. You may wash your clothes yourself, so it is sufficient to bring a number of clothes for only one week.

There is Wifi available on this project for R50 per week. We, however, want to mention that the signal and capacity is sometimes limited as we are situated on a farm. Because of this, no downloading of movies or series is permitted. We do, however, suggest you purchase a South African Sim card and load data on it while you are at your orientation in Cape Town.

Volunteers will receive 2 meals a day
Breakfast and lunch will be provided by us. Dinner is the volunteer’s responsibility. You can purchase and make your own food.

  • Tea and coffee will be available
  •  All other drinks will be at own expense, though tap water is safe to drink
  •  A generous amount of food will always be given. If snacks are desired there are
    several grocery stores nearby.
  •  There will be refrigerators available for volunteer’s personal food and soft drinks.

The Aim of the Project:


Big cats are under threat in the wild, and being exploited in captivity. Many tourists and volunteers are unaware of what is truly happening to these big cats, and therefore we take pride in speaking on their behalves. Make informed decisions, unite with us and help spread awareness!

We provide an educational platform where we, together with our big cats, will educate you about each species and their individual uniqueness, in addition to their heart-warming personalities! On your visit, you have the opportunity to observe, photograph and enjoy the majestic lions (brown and white), the cheeky leopards (spotted and black) and the powerful Bengal tigers, in addition to the striking caracals.

We strongly believe that everyone can make a difference, which is what we will seek to do for the thousands of big cats in need of a safe haven. We are a true sanctuary where animal welfare is in focus, and no cub petting, breeding or trading takes place.

The Africa Pride Project aspires to be the blueprint for future-forward thinking. We will be a source of inspiration to everyone as our story carries a powerful message of hope amongst adversity. By empowering people, of all ages across the world, to better live in harmony with nature and themselves the world will be able to further understand the beautiful balance of life and everything we live in.

To do something out of the ordinary, make a visible difference, and visit a project based on true love and passion. To experience those heartfelt moments where everything stands still and you feel truly alive. Grasp the moment and become a part of our “pride” when visiting our volunteer project, and we can promise you an unforgettable and life-changing experience together with your new two- and four-legged friends!

Our slogan – “In union there is strength” – is the core definition of teamwork and through our team building activity, you and the team (corporate, family or friends) will have to implement this principle! You will need to think outside the box, and your ability to work together as a team will directly affect the outcome! We guarantee an unbelievable experience by seeing your product being tested in action.

Winter in South Africa

Please note that May through to September are our winter months and it can get quite chilly with an average temperature ranging from 5 degrees Celsius at night to 15 degrees Celsius during the day. So, please make sure to pack enough warm clothes if you plan your trip in that period.

Cape Town Activities

Cape Town (a.k.a. The Mother City) is home to many different kinds of people and types of activities. Whether you are interested in sports, adventure, culture or history, there is something for everyone. Click on the button below to find out more about the activities The Mother City has to offer.

Project Highlights

      • Caring for the amazing big cats
      • Be a part of an amazing enrichment program
      • Preparation of food and feeding big cats
      • Cleaning and maintaining enclosures
      • Create a better quality of living for the Big Cats
      • Educate visitors about responsible conservation ethics

Volunteer Requirements

      • Completed Application form
      • Basic level of competency in English
      • Good physical and mental health
      • Love for Animals!



Please visit our FAQ’S page for a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.

Phone: 0.215.569.69
Cape Town, South Africa
20 Briza Road, Table View
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