Community Project Uganda

Project Details

Project starts: Monday
Location: Jinja District, Uganda
Minimum duration: 2 weeks

Hailed as the “Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, Uganda is a country of staggering beauty – a lush green land whose stunning and diverse countryside supports incredible wildlife – Lions, Elephants, Cape Buffalo, Leopards, Rhinoceros, and half of the world’s population of Mountain Gorillas and Chimpanzees. Become part of a rural community village and experience true East African culture.

This community project is run together with Softpower Education and aims to improve quality of life through education and create an empowered and self-sustaining society taking responsibility for its own development.

You will be introduced to the different projects in your orientation. This is your volunteer experience and the timetable can be suited to where you feel most comfortable. Below is a description of our different projects.

Pre Schools: 8.30 – 12.30
We suggest volunteers run small group activities with the children. This gives the children an opportunity to have some more quality time (usually they are in a class of 30!). Once the school day has finished then volunteers can speak with the teachers about activities for the next day. We do have resources at the pre-schools but we do encourage volunteers to bring things with them if they have specific activities in mind (such as art or sports games).

Amagezi Education Centre: 09:00-17:00
Here the volunteers can assist in the lesson running, although there is sometimes difficulties with language and so often our volunteers get stuck in making resources for the lessons – which is of course extremely vital.

After School Club: 15:00-18:00
We run an afterschool club at one of our residential Special Educational Needs units. The volunteers go up and run group activities with the children – an absolutely fantastic programme where both the volunteers and the children gain a lot. Again we have lots of resources for this in terms of sports equipment, but if the volunteers want to do anything different/more specific, they are very welcome to bring things with them (such as art materials).

SEN Clinic: 8:30 – 17:00
The clinic actually runs throughout the week but Friday is by far the busiest day and so
volunteers are very much welcomed on this day. The clinic operates both occupational and physiotherapy, as well as small teaching activities. Volunteers can assist with the physiotherapy and keep children busy that are waiting for their therapy. There is also a clinic at the Kybirwa Children’s Centre that helps several children with special educational needs at the moment. During this clinic volunteers can assist with the teaching aspect of the clinic, running group games and doing basic maths and literacy activities.

School Infrastructure: all day
This programme can be run on any day, but we do it as an induction day for all new arrivals and so have incorporated it into your volunteers timetables on those days also. It’s a fantastic way to get out into the village, and will also be a great way for them to meet all the new arrivals. Painting the schools can be one of the activities done during this programme.

What’s Included

  • Airport pick up is included if the flight arrives on Monday before 4 pm
  • Breakfast & Dinner at the accommodation
  • 24 hour support and supervisor on project
  • Donation to the NPO to assist with projects
  • Certificate of appreciation


You will be staying at Mama Flo’s Guest house in Jinger. Beds will be foam mattresses and bedrooms are shared with your fellow volunteers and crew. You may have a social area such as a living room and there may be a garden to relax in after school. Storage will be limited and you backpack must have a lockable compartment in it. Your accommodation is selected in a secure location in close proximity to the school. A local cook is provided which often will be a member of the host family within whose house you are staying.

Your house will not have running water. You will have a shower cubicle either indoor or outdoor, in which you can make use of the traditional ‘bucket shower’. Ten minutes down the road you will find water at the Nile River Camp. Electricity may not be available but alternatives will be provided – usually paraffin lamps which create quite a cozy environment in the evenings. You will be given a chance to charge phones at least every weekend if you choose to do independent travel away from the project site.


At your accommodation you will have a local cook who will cook at the house on charcoal stoves. The food will be of good local standard. Breakfast will be a simple affair consisting largely of bread, jam and fruit, and dinner will consist of good quality local food- this being any combination of; rice, potatoes including sweet potatoes, ugali (a maize meal stiff porridge), chapattis, spaghetti, cabbage, spinach, beans, seasonal vegetables, eggs, beef stew, with sauces of a tomato base. Most meals will be vegetarian.

Attention: Transfers to the Projects are not included. Here is a short overview of the prices:

All prices are estimated and from Mama Flo’s accommodation. We recommend getting private hire taxis for any of the longer journeys.

  • Buwenda Pre School (BPS): 30 minutes’ walk/2,000 UGX (Boda: one way)
  • Kyabirwa Children Centre (KCC): 5 minutes’ walk
  • Kyomya Residential Unit: 10,000 UGX (Boda: one way)/50,000 UGX (Private hire return)
  • Jinja Town Office: 6,000 UGX (Boda: one way)/50,000 UGX (Private hire return)
  • Amagezi Education Centre: 1 minute walk
  • Walukuba West Special Needs School (WW): 6,000 UGX (Boda: one way)

Please note: This project will be closed from 15th December 2019 – 3rd January 2020.

Information about the schools and the children

  • Most of the children can speak English yet their home language is mainly Lusoga.
  • The children live in underdeveloped areas.
  • Children in the program range from 4-15 years old.
  • School terms:
    Term 1: runs from the beginning of February until the end of April
    Term 2: runs from mid May until the beginning of August
    Term 3: runs from the beginning of September until the beginning of December

Physical Challenge level
Emotional level

Project Highlights

  • Learn new things and interact with community members/other volunteers in a Ugandan community
  • Become part of a Basoga community and learn about their culture
  • Help with community initiatives that will change people’s lives
  • Make a difference to a community

Volunteer Requirements

  • CV/Resumé
  • Police clearance
  • Basic level of competency in English
  • Copy of return flight itinerary
  • Acceptance subject to availability



Please visit our FAQ’S page for a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.

Example Itinerary


A.M: Induction at Amagezi Education Centre

P.M: Painting

A.M: Kyabirwa Pre-School

P.M: Afterschool activities at Kyomya

A.M: Buwenda Pre-School

P.M: Amagezi Education Centre

A.M: SEN-class at Kyabirwa

P.M: Afterschool activities at Kyomya

A.M: SEN-class at Kyabirwa

P.M: Volunteer Meeting

A.M: Off

P.M: Off

A.M: Off

P.M: Off

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