Medical Project Malawi

Project Details

Project starts: Monday
Location: Mangochi District, Malawi
Minimum duration: 4 weeks

This diverse medical volunteer project has huge potential to improve the level of primary health care that is currently provided in the rural communities in Malawi. The project focusses on improving the health care through education and awareness, as well as supporting medical treatment. Volunteers with different levels of experience and knowledge can be of great importance in assisting either in community work or within resourced medical clinics.

Experience in the medical field is not a requirement for this project – however, only medical professionals and medical students may be registered with Medical or Nursing Council to assist at a local rural hospital as part of their programme. The hospital placement is most relevant to medical students, wishing to gain some additional hospital experience during their programme or as part of their elective; nurses specifically wishing to spend some of their time in a hospital environment, or midwives on a maternity ward.

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteer tasks will be dependent on experience, interests and the greatest need at the time. Below are various areas where volunteers’ help will be needed;

Home-Based Care

Based on a government curriculum and supported by our experienced translators, volunteers will plan and run training sessions on topics such as; HIV/AIDS and malaria prevention, personal hygiene, drug administration, recording information, basic first aid, wound care, bed bathing, infection prevention, sexual health awareness, nutrition and digestion, TB and rehabilitation.

Volunteers will carry out home visits to chronically ill patients. These visits are a valuable part of the training for the local volunteers to become home-based care providers. Volunteers will be involved in cleaning wounds, basic dressing and bandaging referring patients to the hospital for more serious wounds, or if further treatment or antibiotics are required. This is of great importance in areas where wounds would otherwise go unattended, often resulting in serious infection

HIV/AIDS Awareness

Help create and increase the awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDS, in order to educate local communities about prevention and treatment. Volunteers will also provide support and counseling through community groups for those living with HIV/AIDS. This may also include nutritional advice and information about other related diseases.

Rural community hospital

This part of the project work is suited for volunteers with previous medical experience, medical professionals, or medical students, as the center provides primary medical care and treatment. The center we work in has several departments in which volunteers with relevant experience can assist, including outpatients, a female ward, a male ward, a maternity ward, a nutrition unit, a laboratory, a pharmacy, and basic dental treatment.

Nurseries for Orphan & Vulnerable Children

This part of the project takes place in the mornings and is suitable for volunteers with little medical experience, or anyone with an interest in pre-school education and child care. Volunteers can get involved with pre-school teaching to prepare the children for their education ahead. Furthermore, by helping the local carers improve their English and teaching skills, volunteers will help promote the importance of health and nutrition, including assisting with our feeding scheme.



Volunteers will stay in a comfortable, shared house in a rural village in the Mangochi District. The volunteer house is located on the shores of the stunning Lake Malawi. The area in which volunteers are based (and Malawi in general) is very safe. However, the house is fenced and gated for additional security and privacy.

The bedrooms in the volunteer house are large shared rooms (2 – 4 volunteers per room), generally with single or bunk beds. Mosquito nets are provided and the rooms either have en-suite facilities or an adjacent bathroom. The bathrooms all consist of western style flush toilets and showers.


Three meals a day are provided.

Breakfast usually consists of french toast, eggs, porridge or pancakes, and tea and coffee.

Lunch usually consists of sandwiches, pasta, soups, wraps, or similar; or a packed lunch can be provided if you are not returning to the house in the middle of the day.

Dinner will be a hot meal prepared for you by our cook.

All volunteers must arrive to start the program on one of the dates below;


07th January 2019,
21st January 2019,
04th February 2019,
18th February 2019,
04th March 2019,
18th March 2019,
01st April 2019,
15th April 2019,
29th April 2019,
13th May 2019,
27th Mary 2019,
10th June 2019,
24th June 2019,
08th July 2019,
22nd July 2019,
05th August 2019,
19th August 2019,
02 September 2019,
16th September 2019,
30th September 2019,
14th October 2019,
28th October 2019,
11th November 2019,
25th November 2019,(Last 4 week program start date)
09th December 2019,(Last 2 week program start date)

The project is closed between the 24th of December 2019 and opens again on the 8th of January 2020

Did you know that our program changes during the holiday periods?

Location Information

The volunteer house is right on the edge of Lake Malawi in the Mangochi District. It’s approximately a 40 minute drive from Mangochi Town, which is a large village where 6.500 people live.

The current governmental health care system in Malawi is organised into three levels:
Local health care centres: These deal with the most common and easily treated problems and offer maternity services.

District community hospitals: These deal with more serious cases. They provide secondary health care, including some basic types of surgery.

Central hospitals: There are 3 central hospitals where they offer tertiary care. They are situated in the North, Central and Southern regions of Malawi.

As the majority of Malawi’s population lives in rural areas, access to these facilities is difficult and expensive as half of Malawi’s population lives below the poverty line. Malawi faces constant food uncertainty, high levels of malnutrition leading to a high infant mortality rate. Furthermore, Malawi is one of the countries most affected by HIV/AIDS and malaria. This Medical Volunteer Project aims to address some of the above mentioned issues at a local level through education, awareness and improved access to primary and palliative health care

During free time, volunteers can relax at the volunteer house, swim in the sparkling waters of Lake Malawi and explore the local area.

Weekend trips can be organised by the project staff enabling you to visit:
Liwonde National Park, offers a variety of wildlife and large herds of elephant, where you can enjoy the combination of a vehicle safari, walking safari and boat safari in search of the numerous hippo in the rivers.

Cape Maclear, a popular tourist village at the edge of the lake. Enjoy snorkelling, boat rides on Lake Malawi, exploring the craft stalls and sunbathing on the beach during the day. In the evening there are a couple of lively bars to let your hair down.

Zomba Plateau, is a cool forest where you can relax, take in the great views, trek and even go horse riding if you wish.

Although organised weekend excursions are not included in the program price, we do recommend doing a couple of these groups trips during your stay. This way you will be able to see a little more and make the most of your time in Malawi.

Project Highlights

  • Feel part of the community and experience the hospitality and culture of the friendly community
  • Assist with and gain valuable experience in the provision of primary medical care
  • Provide basic care health education to disadvantaged children and communities
  • Be part of a rewarding and sustainable project
  • Be welcomed as part of the community and help them to become more self-sufficient
  • Provide training to local volunteers, as part of a vital and sustainable community home-based care programme
  • Help create awareness of and help to reduce the incidence of epidemic diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria

Volunteer Requirements

  • CV/Resumé
  • Police clearance
  • Basic level of competency in English
  • Copy of return flight itinerary
  • Acceptance subject to availability



Please visit our FAQ’S page for a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.

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