School & Educare Assistance Project

Project Details

Project starts: Every monday
Location: Table View, Cape Town
Minimum duration: 2 weeks

Volunteers are placed in schools in disadvantaged communities. No experience is necessary and volunteers can have the joy of watching a child learn and helping them through the process. You will be assigned to a class and will help the teacher in their daily tasks, be it teaching, marking and sports training. After school hours volunteers will be involved in after care or after school programs in the settlements.

We currently support or run the following schools and educare centers:

Zusakhe: The school was founded and run by Patricia (Mama). This beautiful school is made of prefabricated classrooms, a kitchen to provide hot meals for the children each day. The school also boasts a wonderful enclosed area in the middle of the classrooms, completely protected from the harsh African sun and cold winters.

Honeybees: Honeybees Educare is made up of two main buildings, one of which is the home to Principles Sharon and Jerome. The main building is divided into two classrooms with 2 additional classrooms across the road. The outside play area is limited to about 3m x 6m fenced off from the road, but the school often makes use of a nearby playground.

Vissershok Primary School: This is a permanent brick primary school catering to children in the local farming communities as well as the local farming communities as well as the local township and local settlements around the area. In addition to the normal classes for each grade, there is also a computer lab, a library, decent sized grass field and netball court for the kids to play on.

Little Angels Educare: A small school of roughly 25 children aged between 1 year and 7 years. The school is made up of a small room divided into two to seperate the different age groups. Often the school makes use of the nearby playground to provide the children with some much needed excersise. The school recently received a donation enabling them to perform upgrades to the class and make it more comfortable for everyone working in the school.

Good Hope Educare: Good Hope is run by SAVE Foundation and has approximately 50 children aged between 1 and 7 years. The main building is divided into 3 classrooms and a kitchen to prepare food for the children. The outdoor play area is limited but is closed off from the road. The school recently received a full facelift – sponsored largely by two volunteers.

Footsteps: Footsteps Educare has 80 students aged between 1 years and 7 years of age. The school building is made up of 2 prefabricated classrooms with 2 additional classrooms inside the main house.

Volunteer Tasks

Volunteers will help in the daily running of the projects for example:

  • Teaching lessons to children in the older groups (colours, letters, shapes, art, etc.) as well as teaching English through play and vocabulary stimulation.
  • Stimulating smaller children in the younger groups with developmental toys, touch and by speaking English to them. We believe that speaking English with the children will assist them as they get older as English is compulsory in later education. The earlier they learn, the more they will benefit.
  • Educating children in social and emotional development
  • Assisting with the feeding programs
  • Supervising children at all times
  • Helping with events and fundraising
  • Administration, lesson plan preparation, preparing developmental activities, doing research, etc. This is mostly done after project hours in preparation for the upcoming days. You may be required to do some of these tasks in your free time.
  • Helping with the baby room – changing diapers, feeding babies, assisting with nap time
  • Helping with washing up after meals, cleaning classrooms, washing bedding and toys
  • Maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for the children at all times

Volunteers will work 5 days a week with the children. Some days volunteers will work a full 8 hours and other days 4 to 5 hours, depending on the needs of the project.


  • Airport pick up
  • 2 day Cape Town orientation
  • Accommodation
  • Three meals a day
  • Weekly social events
  • Transport to and from projects
  • 24 hour support and supervision
  • Donation to the project
  • Certificate of appreciation


Volunteers will receive 3 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

If you have any dietary requirements, please inform SAVE about this before your arrival. We will try our best to accommodate this however you may need to supplement your own food. If snacks are desired there are several grocery stores nearby. There are refrigerators available for volunteers’ personal food and soft drinks. Tea and coffee will be available free of charge, all other drinks will be at own expense.


Laundry service is available at an additional cost

Extra Surf lessons

Extra surf lessons are available at an additional cost. You can book the 3-day surfing bolt which includes:

– 3 x 2 hours professional surf lessons

– Surf photos analysis during 6 hours of lessons


Volunteers will stay in one of our volunteer houses with bedrooms sleeping 2 – 5 people. All houses are facilitated with electricity, hot water, a kitchen, one or two toilets, a bathroom with a shower, beds with linen (no towels). Male and female volunteers will share rooms unless otherwise requested. Upgrades to private single or double rooms are available at extra cost.

Volunteers are responsible for keeping their own room and volunteer house tidy. Bathrooms and kitchens are cleaned everyday by cleaning staff, and linen is changed once a week. The volunteer houses are at walking distance from shops, restaurants, entertainment, bus stops and the beach.

This project runs all year round. However, during school holidays we run the project according to our holiday program.

REMINDER: Projects will be closed from 25 December – 1 January. Due to Christmas and New Years celebrations, projects are very limited, however, volunteers may still use the accommodation and food.

Did you know that our program changes during the holiday periods?

Project Wishlist

  • School supplies
  • Stationery
  • Sports equipment

Volunteers will work 5 days a week. Some days volunteers will work a full 8 hours and other days 4 to 5 hours, depending on the needs of the project. The volunteers’ days are spent assisting within the school. Their duties will include but will not be limited to; helping create lessons plans, running activities and craft sessions, as well as assisting in any other areas of the school – this may include cleaning, cooking and helping to feed the children.

Winter in South Africa

Please note that May through to September are our winter months and it can get quite chilly with an average temperature ranging from 5 degrees Celsius at night to 15 degrees Celsius during the day. So, please make sure to pack enough warm clothes if you plan your trip in that period.

Cape Town Activities

Cape Town (a.k.a. The Mother City) is home to many different kinds of people and types of activities. Whether you are interested in sports, adventure, culture or history, there is something for everyone. Click on the button below to find out more about the activities The Mother City has to offer.

Physical Challenge level
Emotional level

Project Highlights

  • Flexibility to run your own programs and lessons
  • Using your initiative to create activities
  • Helping children develop life and educational skills
  • Experience working with children and groups within an organisation
  • Facilitating new experiences for children
  • Learning about South African cultures and way of life
  • Making new lifetime friends

Volunteer Requirements

  • CV/Resumé
  • Police clearance
  • Intermediate to advanced level of competency in English
  • Copy of return flight itinerary
  • Minimum age of 18



Please visit our FAQ’S page for a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions.

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Holiday Club

Did you know that our program changes during the holiday periods?

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