Carla Ferreira

Carla Feirra

Owner & Founder of SaltyCrax Backpackers & SAVE Foundation

Carla is the founder and fearless leader of SaltyCrax Backpackers & SAVE Foundation. A native South African, Carla began the NPO in the area in which she grew up. As a member of the police, she was able to see the townships first-hand and came to the realisation that one could live so close yet never see a township. SAVE Foundation and SAVE Volunteering are a product of Carla’s take-action nature and passion for her country and its people.


What do you do daily?

Plot to take over the world..What else?

What is your favourite part of your job?

Working with awesome Industry people, exploring new places and showing of the amazing country I come from!  

If you’re not working where will we find you?

Doing some crazy activity in the winelands.

If you were trapped on a desert island and you could only have one food what would it be?

According to the question before, I would take wine with me.

A Random thing about you?

I am Random.

Email her:

Contact her: +27 87 238 2662

Phone: 0.215.569.69
Cape Town, South Africa
20 Briza Road, Table View
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